Uberduck AI | A Complete Guide(2022)

Uberduck AI

In the era of AI, everyone is trying to develop something new and valuable. That can help people and reduce work time. UberDuck is the best example of success in the AI field.

What is UberDuck?

UberDuck AI

Uberduck is an AI-based software or tool that generates the voice of any person, it will read your article in the voice of the person you want. It’s basically a text-to-speech converter, and can even convert your article to a video depending on the moments in it. It also provides an online video editor facility. And you can add your voice and make it better. Most YouTubers and TikTokers are using this tool to Enhance their voice. If you are going to start a YouTube channel then this tool is for you.

Features of UberDuck AI:

Here are the features of UberDuck AI.

  • Text to Speech
  • Text to Video
  • Video Editor
  • 5,000+ Eloquent voices
  • Provides APIs
  • Voice Over
  • Audio Studio

Pricing Plans of UberDuck:

UberDuck has 4 plans. One plan is free forever with 2000+ eloquent sounds. Paid plans are billed on a monthly basis.

UberDuck Pricing

My suggestion is that if you are a beginner you may want to try the free plan first and then move to the premium one.

How UberDuck AI Works?

Sign up for the free plan first and then follow the process.

UberDuck Working

Just paste your text into the field and click the Synthesize button. It will take some time to generate the audio. You can also change the pitch of the voice and you can add your own voice and change it to another voice.

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This tool converts your text to audio. You can add images or video to this audio to convert it to video. This tool makes it easy for YouTubers to work and gives them a new rhythm to create new content with a beautiful voiceover. You can sell your voice as a voiceover service on Fiverr. This tool has a forever-free plan that costs nothing. You can start absolutely free. It can convert your text to audio with 2000+ eloquent voices.

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